We don’t get to meet most of our brides until the wedding day.   Most choose not to have a trial session; this is due in part because of the great reputation we’ve gained in the bridal community and also because of extensive referrals from  past brides.  We met Ashley Glinka for the first time on her wedding day, February 10, 2011.  It was a cold, rainy morning in the Sunshine State and we were worried that she would be stressed because of how bad the weather was.  It was quite the contrary.  The weather actually enhanced the whole vintage wedding theme she wanted.

When we arrived, she showed us some 1940’s photo styles she found online that she had brought with her.  She wanted a fingerwave like chingnon in her hair and vintage style makeup with some color on her lips.  She loved the finished look we created and she then showed us the birdcage veil that her grandmother wore on her wedding day.  It was the most beautiful veil we had ever seen!  It was so delicate and so well made (better than the ones you buy now at bridal boutiques).  We couldn’t get over how well it preserved itself and how white it still was!  The tulle was so soft and easy to put on (the store bought ones are usually very stiff and we have to construct the tulle on the person’s hair so it forms to their hair better).  The veil was so intact after so many years.  You would have thought we were holding jewels in our hand on how excited and amazed we all were.  Even her dress was vintage looking.   She wore her mother’s jewelery and her white mink shawl belonged to her grandmother.  Ashley had done her research for the look well and by looking at the pictures it looks as though they were really taken in the 194o’s.  There was so much detail put into everything and it was truly amazing how calm she remained.  It’s exciting for us to see how all these pieces come together in the end and transform her into this beautiful timeless bride.

Randy Chapman was the photographer of these pictures.  He captured every single detail so incredibly well.  We’ve worked with Randy for many years and he was the right man for the job.  You can see his work at:  www.chapmanphotography.com.

We have worked on several hundreds of brides over the years… beautiful ladies, celebrity weddings, million dollar weddings… but we can truly say that so far, this has been our absolute favorite.   Our favorite because of all the sentimental pieces, the attention to detail to our favorite era, and the lovely person that was getting married.  We will never forget this wedding and we were thrilled to be a part of this history making moment.

Congratulations Ashley, we wish you the very best!


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