BB Creams.

What are they and what do they do?  A lot of people ask us this question on a daily basis.  After much research and use, we would like to teach our clients and fan base what exactly this is, what it does, and what the benefits to using these products are.

BB stands for Beauty Balm in the U.S.  But in Asia, it stands for Blemish Balm.  A lot of the ingredients in Asia contain silicone, brightening and bleaching agents for the skin, and other ingredients used to control acne that are not FDA approved in the U. S.  You can only purchase those products in the Asian market.  Silicone is a common ingredient in primers because it sits on top of the skin and fills in imperfections.  It does not absorb into the skin and are non-comedongenic (will not clog pores).  BB creams are available in the U.S. for all skin types and has advantages ranging from evening out skin tone to providing makeup like coverage.  BB cream was invented in 1967 by a German doctor named, Christine Schrammek, to promote skin healing after laser treatments.  It’s boost in popularity came in 1985 and quickly spread to Korea, Japan, and China where it was introduced to Korean actresses who swore by this product.  In those countries, Asian women promote healthy-looking , porcelain skin and is heavily prized.  There they hailed this product as “the secret of Korean actresses” and at that time BB cream was heavily endorsed by Korean actresses.

All BB creams include moisturizing ingredients, a complexion-perfecting cream, and has a SPF of at least 15.  They range in price from $7.99 to $99.00 and almost ever beauty company makes and sells a BB cream.  More expensive BB creams does not necessarily mean better, in this case because you find an equally good product on both ends of the spectrum.  This cream was invented to be a “one stop shop” and replaces 5 products from your every day beauty routine.  It serves as a primer and is used to brighten your skin.  It is also a sunblock that has UV protection which helps prevent aging, it evens out skin tone, and contains anti-oxidants.  It can be used as a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and contains an anti-aging serum and includes anti-aging creams and has a foundation to even out your skin tone.  This product also contains Vitamin A to regenerate skin, Vitamin C to brighten your skin, and hyaluronic acid to plump your skin from inside out.

A pea size dab goes a long way.  It is easy to apply to the skin and gives great, all day coverage without lines and streaks.  While it doesn’t completely conceal a blemish, it tones down redness and dark circles so you don’t need as much concealer and is more pigmented then tinted moisutrizer.  It also diminishes imperfections to rejuvenate the skin.

We recommend you try this product, we can almost guarantee that you’ll be hooked on it!


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