Remember 13 year old Madison from our blog post back in February?

Well here she is again looking even more beautiful… just look at her!  I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad picture of this beautiful young lady.  Madison Martina is without a doubt, our favorite aspiring model.   Because Ana has worked on her several times, Madison has great confidence in Ana’s abilities as a hair and make-up artist and has given her free reign to do anything to her hair and make-up.  The result of this masterpiece is amazing.  At such a young age, Madison has a very promising career ahead of her.  She has a beautiful, angelic-like face and legs that go for miles.  There’s absolutely not a doubt in my mind that she will go far, it’s just a matter of who will scoop her up.  Although she is still shopping around for good modeling agencies, she welcomes any input anyone has and she is open to recommendations for her to sign with a modeling agency.  Her photos were taken by the talented, Kristin Weaver, who we love to work with because we know that she has an eye for photography that is far to none and her photos are always spectacular.


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