We came across this blog called hair romance and we just love the looks that are portrayed. This blogger challenged herself to wear 30 different hairstyles in 30 days and has chronicled each look. Below are a few of our favorites but we like her twist on the traditional chingnon and her creative hair styles. What are you favorite hairstyle looks.. and would you be up to the challenge of styling your hair 30 different ways for each day of the month? We’d like to see your favorite hairstyles send us pictures and be sure to check out hairromance.com to get hair inspiration. Remember to stay Beauté-ful!






2 Responses to 30 Hair Styles in 30 Days

  1. Thank you for the lovely mention xxx

    • Red Lips says:

      We love what you’ve done with the hairstyles.. thanks for supplying great hair content on the web. We will definitely keep our eye on your blog. Stay Beauté-ful Christina!

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