Hair & Makeup by Idalis Rodriguez for Beaute Speciale



Where did you get your inspiration from?

  • indigenous tribes and and my love for all things in cultural anthropology

Why did you choose the colors you did for the model? 

  • My favorite color is turquoise and it’s a significant color in the history of beauty. Ancient Egyptians would entomb their Pharaohs with turquoise jewelry. in Persian culture, turquoise meant victory and holiness. Mesoamerican’s, like Mayans and Aztecs, and Native Americans used Turquoise in a means of communication for spirits, good fortune, and healing. Today, it has a beautiful and peaceful vibe and can make any outfit stand out.

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Was there an end goal?

  • yes, I wanted people to appreciate makeup and that there are no rules and to express why I fell in love with makeup in the first place which is our history. I’m obsessed with the beauty of prehistoric and Ancient history and indigenous people – to me, that is art!!!

Did the final look come out how you imagined?

  • Yes! I was very pleased!! I loved how the Smokey winged out red eye shadow turned out, especially on our beautiful model. I absolutely loved the hair, simple pigtails amped up with just gold thread proves that you can upgrade any look with the right accessories. I look forward to creating more looks and stepping outside the box.

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