Hair & Makeup by Shelby Sullivan 

Our December style shoot was a major success! We decided to discover the inspiration behind Beaute Speciale Artist, Shelby Sullivan’s vision.

1.) Where did you get your inspiration from? My inspiration came from relating what I as a makeup artist and what another artist like a painter would have in common. Immediately I thought of watercolors, so that’s where the watercolor type eye makeup came from.

2.)Why did you choose the colors you did for the model? “I didn’t really have a set color pallet for my model, I just laid out the colors and picked freely from what I thought would look pretty as a “watercolor”.

3.) Was there an end goal?” The end goal for this look was to be “ugly pretty”. By this I mean I wanted it to be what you might see on a runway. Something that wouldn’t necessarily be worn everyday, but still beautiful as art.

4.) Did the final look come out how you imagined?” The final look came out EXACTLY how I imagined and I couldn’t be more pleased with the look and our model! :-)


EDIMG_2011 EDIMG_1957 EDIMG_1938 EDIMG_2040 EDIMG_2042-01EDIMG_1965




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