If you search for “Valentine’s Day makeup ideas,” 75% of your search results will feature red lipstick. It’s a classic, sexy look, but it isn’t very unique. Furthermore, if you don’t choose a kiss-proof lipstick, things can get really messy. If you’re not a red lipstick fan, or you want to try something different for your V-Day date, try enhancing your eyes or even your face. You can stick with the classic pink and red Valentine’s Day color theme, or you can try something completely different. Blue mascara, anyone?

Here are 17 Valentine’s Day makeup ideas that don’t involve red lipstick:

1. Maroon ShadowMaroon Shadow

Black and gray are probably your go-to eyeshadow colors. This bold maroon shadow is just as sexy, and it is very trendy right now.

2. Pale Pink ShadowPale Pink Eyeshadow

Add a bit of color to your look with a soft pink shadow. Unlike bright blue, it’s not that different than your tried-and-true neutral shadow.

3. Contoured CheeksContoured Cheeks

If you’re not emphasizing your lips, you’re probably enhancing your eyes, but what about your cheeks? Try bringing out your bone structure, à la Kim Kardashian, and keep your eyes and lips natural.

4. Marsala And Brown ShadowMarsala And Brown Smokey Eye

Not only is Marsala the Pantone Color Of The Year, it is also a perfect color for your Valentine’s Day look. If you’re worried about it being too bold, blend it with your brown shadow, to tone it down.

5. Heart LinerHeart Liner

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your eye. This look is cute and and quirky, but it doesn’t look like crazy Halloween makeup.


Read more: http://www.thegloss.com/2015/02/13/beauty/valentines-day-makeup-ideas-inspiration-shadow-liner-photos-red-lipstick-alternatives/


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