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For the latest in my series of ‘make-up moments’ from history we are visiting the set of Tim Burton’s epic, Alice in Wonderland.

This fantastical film follows 19 year old Alice (played by Mia Wasikowska) on her journey to the strange and gloomy underworld of a truly Burtonesque, gothic wonderland.. Here she tries to restore the White Queen to her throne by slaying the Jabberwocky – a dragon-like creature controlled by the terrifying Red Queen.

And it’s the cruel, irritable “Off with his head!” Red Queen played brilliantly by Helena Bonham Carter that I want to focus on. With her outrageous personality, tiny body and gigantic head, bright blue eye shadow and heart shaped lipstick pout – she’s grotesque and larger than life in every way.

The makeup for the film, was designed by uber talented Valli O’Reilly, whose IMDB page is a testament to her incredible  body of work. Valli has deservedly received an academy award as well as a BAFTA (awarded for best hair and makeup in Alice in Wonderland.)

I loved chatting to Valli, she’s fascinating and so full of energy, Here’s an insight into her world and work on this extraordinary movie …








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