Are we the only ones obsessed with the Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea remix video of Booty? Not only is the song catchy but we are in love with the makeup these artists are wearing. It’s sexy, fresh, glowy  and we just can’t get enough of the how great they look!  In one of the clips in the video we noticed Jennifer Lopez opening up an EOS lip balm ball and applies it to her lips. Not only is great marketing for EOS but it made us go out and buy one to try! Proving the power of social media and good marketing.






The pink and white EOS ball featured in the remixed “Booty” video is the coconut milk flavor.  You can buy it any super market or drug store. It’s .25oz and retails for about $3.99.  Not only does it smell like coconut milk it actually tastes like coconut milk and we can’t get enough of it! You’re lips get addicted to this and it does leave your lips soft, smooth and sweet.

Go and try and you get hooked on it too!  In the meantime check out the video, it’s hot!



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