We really love Lorde’s look and we especially love her lipstick! Even though some people think it’s a bit goth it suits her skin tone and goes well with the color of her hair and eyes.  Heroine lipstick by Mac is a very rich hue of purple and believe it or not, looks good on just about everyone.  Are you brave enough to try it?

Lorde on Her New MAC Makeup Collaboration, Wearing Too Much Black, and Why Flaws Are the New Perfect.

As Lorde took the stage in New York yesterday to launch her new makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, the audience looked like they’d passed around a box of grape popsicles. Deep purple lips often signify a moody pout, but in this case, the room was full of vampy smiles. The musician’s signature dark violet pucker has been a compelling part of her persona from the moment she made her debut. Paired with a little flick of liquid eyeliner, it only heightened the feeling that she somehow emerged on the scene fully formed and confident beyond her seventeen years.

After teaming up with MAC earlier this spring, she decided to make things official—developing a shorthand version (one lipstick, one eyeliner) of the makeup she often wears onstage for performances. Starting June 5, when the limited-edition collection goes on sale at maccosmetics.com, it will be that much easier to channel the singer’s powerful presence—whether you plan on using a bit of her MAC Pure Heroine lip color as a stain or drawing a razor-thin black line of her Penultimate Eyeliner along your lashes. Here, Vogue.com sat down with the singer to discuss her “skeleton” off-duty makeup bag, her surprisingly straight hair at the Billboard Music Awards, and why she aims to be an example of real, honest beauty for young women around the world.

How many did you try out before you chose the goth-plum color for Pure Heroine?
Well, basically I looked at every current lipstick there was, and then I asked MAC to make me up five different ones. From there we picked a shade and a finish because I’m quite particular about how it sits. When I’m onstage I usually wear something that doesn’t move, which dries my lips out, but because I want my friends and girls who don’t necessarily have a makeup artist to wear it, I wanted it to be able to be pressed on as a stain as well. So the color does move a little bit, but it’s versatile.

When did you start wearing a dark purple lip?
Before I even put an EP out or anything! I bought a dark MAC color. It’s been at least eighteen months.
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