Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic and was originated in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

A Kohl pencil has a very smooth texture that can be used to achieve different looks; everything from dramatic to subtle.  It’s softer and easier to apply than your normal pencil.  It is good for the sensitive, thin skin surrounding the inside of the eye.  Its formula is usually a blend of vegetable lipids, vitamin E, mango seed oil, hydrogenated cotton seed oil, and jojoba oil to keep the skin around the eyes hydrated.  It’s also suitable for sensitive eyes. It is easy to get a nice smudged look using a Kohl pencil and  is easy to achieve a perfect smokey eye. One note of caution, if you tend to have oily skin around the eyes and eyelids, it’s best not to use a Kohl pencil as it will not stay in one place and can tend to look messy after a while.


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