It’s finally here!  Our brand new lip gloss line launches today.  Be one of the first to try out the new pink “Audra” lip gloss.

Ana Rivera, Beaute Speciale President

It took a whole 10 years in the making for this to become a reality.  We researched and interviewed several chemists until we found one who is trusted and well known in the skin care industry.  However, she had never produced a cosmetic line before – but she was willing to charter unfamiliar waters with us and take the risk.  My personal makeup background is in movies, television, high definition television, photo shoots, celebrities, pageants, weddings, and more.  My career has spread for almost 23 years and throughout this time I have been exposed to many different kinds of products.  Some that worked, some that didn’t, and some that I absolutely loved but were sadly discontinued.    It saddened me to know that I would never be able to purchase the cosmetic color or product that I could not live without.  Also from speaking with clients (brides, every day women, and celebrities) and listening to their needs, I learned what they also wanted in their product.  I also took note of what we needed for our professional needs as makeup artists, that a lot of times, could not find on the market.  Over the years, we knew what we liked and knew what would work with the jobs we did.  This was when we decided to take the leap and create a makeup line developed by makeup artists that work in the industry for other professionals to use, and for everyday women looking for a quality product.

Today we are starting with our new lip gloss line and hopefully add to that in the near future.  We have had a lot of sleepless nights, been through a lot of sweat, tears and aggravation – but it has truly been a labor of love.  In the end, it was all worth it and we created something I am very passionate about and love.  I am sure you will agree!

Click on the link below for more information and be one of the first to purchase our first color, Audra:


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